“I am confident, and heartened, that PUMC Pharmaceutical Co.’s clear dedication to the public’s health care needs will continue to deliver the products our patients urgently require. Their HpSA diagnostic, for example, combines the accuracy, convenience, and affordability that physicians and their patients have long sought.

I also applaud their tireless efforts to bring new, world-class products to China for their global launch. It is with great hope that I watch the PUMC team bringing China to the attention of the global pharmaceuticals industry.”

- Chi Bao Lan, M.D.
  Special Advisor to Minister of Health, Zhang Wen Kang, M.D.
  President, National Institute of Hospital Administration

“Although Hebei continues to be a world leader as a manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade materials, the province requires new technology transfers to evolve to the next level as a top producer of complex pharmaceutical compounds and products.

PUMC Pharmaceutical’s construction of their GMP facilities here enables us to learn from the world’s best practices. This is a crucial component for the development of our industry.”

- Zhang Bao Zwei, M.D.
  State Drug Administration (SDA) Director, Hebei

“Over the course of our years working together, Mr. Raymond Su and I have developed a keen friendship based firmly on our shared vision of a new era in Chinese health care. Mr. Su and his team never tire as they bring to market the medicines we need.

As gastrointestinal afflictions plague China on a large scale, I have supported PUMC Pharmaceutical Co.’s Lactéol fort and HpSA products from the outset. I am currently most intrigued by their polyphenol compound as a tumor-inhibitor as well as a treatment for liver fibrosis, and look forward to collaborating with the company throughout the process.”

- Xiao Shu Dong, M.D..
  Chairman,Chinese Gastroenterology Society
  Professor of Medicine, Shanghai Second Medical University
  Chief Physician, Ren-Ji Hospital
  Director, Shanghai Institute of Digestive Disease
  Director, Laboratory of Gastroenterology, Ministry of Health

“As an advisor to PUMC Pharmaceutical Co., I have worked closely with them regarding new drug targets they are prospecting for the Chinese market. I not only vouch for the quality of their systems and processes – and of the products themselves, but also marvel at their ability to connect with the most important people in the industry and the government. PUMC may import and manufacture drugs, but what they’ve really done is sell a vision to people who aren’t easily impressed.”

- Huang Yu Guang, M.D..
  Professor of Anesthesiology, Peking Union Medical College   Hospital.
  Professor of Anesthesiology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.
  Editor, Chinese Journal of Anesthesiology.
  Editor, The Journal of Clinical Anesthesiology.
  Secretary General, Chinese Society of Anesthesiology

"PUMC Pharmaceutical Co. is our exclusive partner in P.R. China and we highly appreciate the dynamism, the creativity and the professionalism of Mr. Raymond Su and his Managing Team. We also highly appreciate the reporting quality and frequency made by PUMC Pharmaceutical Co., which allows a true and strong partnership between our two companies, based on a mutual confidence. So, we have decided to extend our partnership to one R & D strategic project of Laboratoire du Lactéol."

- Richard Boisseau.
  Managing Director.
  Laboratoire du Lactéol, subsidiary of Axcan Pharma Inc.

"PUMC Pharmaceutical Co. is our exclusive distributor of RECOFOL® (propofol) in P.R. China. We choose to collaborate with PUMC Pharmaceutical Co. since we find the company very dynamic and creative. We also appreciate their professionalism and believe we will have a long and fruitful partnership with them.

We are fully confident about the capabilities of Mr. Raymond Su and his team and are actively looking for new areas of collaboration with PUMC Pharmaceutical Co."

- Marketta Veihola.
  Marketing Manager.
  Leira Oy, subsidiary of Schering AG