PUMC Pharmaceutical collaborates with world-class pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to identify cutting-edge therapeutics for China's largest pharmaceutical segments. Once target drugs with the highest probability of success are selected, we work with our partners to bring them to market.

Our competencies span the entire range of drug registration, marketing and distribution, and can be tailored to fit each partner's unique business needs. In general, however, our partnerships fall into two main categories: licensing and strategic. In the case of licensing arrangements – optimal for smaller companies or research institutions who require a full battery of services – PUMC will license the drug and handle all aspects of Registration, Insurance Reimbursement, Manufacturing and Marketing in China, while paying out royalties to the partner on sales of the drug. In the case of strategic alliances, PUMC manages all stages of registration and insurance reimbursement for a retainer and success fee.

We currently market several gastroenterology and anesthesiology products in China, and are actively working towards launching drugs for the following indications: oncology, renal failure, neurology, and ICU/CCU.

Registration. China’s bureaucratic tangles are notorious worldwide, and are especially complex with regards to matters as sensitive and critical as drug registration. Currently, fewer than 30% of the registration applications for imported drugs are ever approved, and of those fewer than 30% are ever approved for renewal after the initial three years.

Our relationships with the China Academy of Medicine (CAM), Peking Union Medical College (PUMC), State Drug Administration (SDA) and key VIP physicians and researchers all ensure the most expeditious process possible – from application, through review, through clinical trials, to approval.

Insurance Reimbursement. Even drugs that are ultimately approved do not sell unless they qualify for insurance reimbursement.

Our widespread network of specialists work with the appropriate agencies to secure these necessary approvals as well.

Manufacturing. All production plants without GMP certification will be shut down after the 2004 moratorium. As of April 2002, 56% of the country’s pharmaceutical plants had yet to pass inspection.

Our two state-of-the-art, GMP-certified manufacturing facilities ensure that partners’ products are manufactured to their exacting standards.

Marketing. All ethical drugs are dispensed from hospital pharmacies, and therefore require an extensive network of connections into the nation’s top hospitals for effective sales.

Our M.D.- and Pharm.D.-dominated sales force sells into their connections with over 500 major teaching hospitals by a) organizing high-profile symposia to introduce the product to a broad audience, b) organizing quarterly seminars at teaching hospitals throughout China, c) performing daily hospital visits to promote to key decision makers and d) publishing papers and selective advertisements in the medical press.