As vast as the opportunity may be for foreign drug manufacturers, the Chinese government’s tangle of regulations and the inherently provincial nature of Chinese business relations continues to restrict access to said opportunity.

Direct sales of a drug in China are prohibited unless the product is manufactured locally. Moreover, the government has ceased granting new drug manufacturing licenses since 1997, therefore all local manufacturing must be done via a local partner. That said, the combined process of filing an IND, conducting clinical trials, filing an NDA, winning insurance reimbursement, and obtaining three sets of production-related licenses (production license, manufacturing business license, GMP certification) can take up to nine years to complete without the necessary connections.

PUMC Pharmaceutical, however, has emerged over the last seven years not only to provide this urgently sought access, but to expedite the process end-to-end as well. The Company has positioned itself to capture China’s immense pharmaceuticals opportunity via a uniquely powerful mix of tested business savvy, extensive local connections, and a strong brand and infrastructure.

The Company is 82% U.S. owned, as foreign majority ownership minimizes the government’s bureaucratic involvement. However, the Company’s joint ownership by the China Academy of Medicine (CAM) – the highest medical authority in China with five major teaching hospitals and thirteen research institutes – forges extensive connections at all levels of the government, the medical community, and the patient population. In fact, PUMC is the acronym for Peking Union Medical College, a subsidiary of CAM and the top-ranked medical school in the country.

Our team of international business professionals, M.D.’s and Pharm.D.’s have cultivated deep ties at all levels of the government, medical community and patient population to pave the way for our partners. Our eleven offices in each of China’s major urban centers – Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hubei, Sichuan, Shenyang, Xian, and Guangzhou – represent well over half a billion Chinese citizens.

Most importantly, we work tirelessly at the work that doubles as our defining passion.

After all, patients are waiting.