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    Prescribing Information

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    Guidelines for Clinical Use

    2-4 capsules daily, in accordance with the severity of diarrhea. The dosage can increase to 6 capsules on the first day.


    Number of sachets First day Following days
      1st dose 2nd dose 1st dose 2nd dose
    Infants (*) 1 1 1 1
    Children 1 1 1 1
    Adults 2 1 1 1
    Contents of sachet can be mixed with any liquid for consumption

    Infants (less than 2 years): Administered in conjunction with rehydration therapy.
    More than 2 years: This treatment should be completed with rehydration when needed.
    The degree of rehydration and its route of administration (oral or intravenous) must be adapted to the severity of the diarrhea, and to the age and background of the patient.

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