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  • Prescribing Information

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    Prescribing Information

    Guidelines for Clinical Use

    • Balanced anesthesia
    Induction of Anesthesia:
    Loading doses: 0.25-2 µg/kg

    Maintenance of Anesthesia:


    Additional boli: 0.03-0.15 µg/kg

      Infusion rate: 0.2-1.5 µg/kg/h

    Note: Effective plasma concentrations 0.5-3ng/ml,

      Threshold plasma concentration for ventilation < 0.2ng/ml

    Infusion should be stoped 45 min before the end of surgery

      No bolus administration within 45 min before extubation
    • Total intravenous anesthesia (TIVA/TCI) – Combination of propofol and sufentanil; Extubation immediately after surgery
    Induction of Anesthesia:

    Sufentanil-TCI: Cp=2ng/ml—›

    Propofol-TCI: Cp=3-5ug/ml,"LOC",

    Rocuronium: 0.6mg/kg
    2min later Intubation
    Before cutting bark:

    Sufentanil: Cp=0.5ng/ml

    Propofol: Cp=3-5ug/ml Loading doses: 0.25-2 µg/kg

    Maintenance of Anesthesia:


    Sufentanil: Cp=0.2-0.5ng/ml;

    Source : Combination of Propofol and Sufentanil TCI for total intravenous anesthesia. Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital, Wu Qiwei, Yue Yun.

    • Postoperative Analgesia

    Patient Controlled Intravenous Analgesia (PCIA)

    • Loading dose : 5μg (infusion after extubation) loading dose
    • Compatibility drug : Sufentanil 150μg+0.9%NS to 200ml
    • Background dose : 3ml/h 
    • Single dose : 2ml
    • Lockout time : 30min

    Source: Administration doses from Southern Hospital

    Patient Controlled Epidural Analgesia (PCEA)

    Chest post-op.1 Abdomen post-op. 2 gynecology post-op.1 orthopedics post-op.1
    Compatibility Suf. 0.6μg/ml+0.125%Rop. Suf.0.5μg/ml+0.12%Rop Suf. 0.4μg/ml+0.125%Rop Suf. 1.25μg/ml+0.125%Rop
    Loading dose 5ml ---- 5ml 5ml
    Background dose 2ml/h 4ml/h 2ml/h 4ml/h
    Single dose 3ml 2ml 3ml 2ml
    Lockout time 30min 20min 30min 30min
    Analgesia time 48h 48h 48h 48h
    Total amount(ml) 135.70±21.44 203.41±22.68 134.96±23.584 199.75±5.994

    1.Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital; 2. Peking University First Hospital

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