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  • Oral Rehydration Salts

    Product: Oral rehydration salts (potassium chloride) effervescent sachets
    Indication: Treatment for dehydration resulting from diarrhea and vomiting
    Status: Registration pending

    PUMC’s oral rehydration salts is formulated to adhere to WHO/UNICEF’s current specifications.

    PUMC’s reduced osmolarity oral rehydration solution (ORS) of salts and sugars is administered to patients suffering from severe dehydration resulting from diarrhea and vomiting.

    WHO/UNICEF data indicates that this improved formulation, when compared to standard ORS, reduces stool volume by 25%, and vomiting by 30% in children with acute diarrhea.

    The reduced osmolarity also allows for more efficient combination therapy for diarrhea when administered concurrently with the Lactèol Fort probiotic product.

        PUMC Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.