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    About the Disease

    Both acute and severe forms of diarrhea are common causes of death in developing countries, and the second most common cause of infant deaths worldwide.

    In clinical practice, general practitioners and hospital doctors frequently combine rehydration treatment with an antidiarrheal drug to provide for faster recovery in acute and severe cases. Because diarrhea is commonly caused by bacterial toxins, the most common complement to rehydration tends to be a broad-spectrum antibiotic. Broad-spectrum antibiotics, however, constitute a special issue since they are frequently misused, giving rise to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant enteropathogenic strains.

    Probiotics provide a valuable and efficacious alternative to antibiotics. By exerting their benefits through several mechanisms, probiotics prevent colonization, cellular adhesion and invasion by pathogenic organisms. In so doing, they have direct antimicrobial activity and they modulate the host immune response.

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