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Our Parent Company – New Harbor Corporation

New Harbor Corporation (NHC) is a U.S.-Taiwanese conglomerate operating across the Asia Pacific region. Founded in 1973 to capitalize on Asia's emergence as a global center for manufacturing, NHC expanded into finance in the mid 1980’s, and into healthcare a decade later.

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Partnership to Meet the Unmet Medical Needs of Patients in China

In 1995, PUMC Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture between our parent, NHC, and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS), under the auspices of the Chinese Ministry of Health. Our mandate was to pioneer the development and provision of new medicines to meet the unmet medical needs of patients in China. In early 2008, we consolidated our ownership of the company, but retain our long-standing ties with China's leading regulatory and medical authorities.

What’s In a Name?

"PUMC" is the acronym for "Peking Union Medical College" – founded in 1906 by the nationalist Chinese government and American and British Christian organizations. PUMC was then reorganized in 1917 by the Rockefeller Foundation to be, according to Dr. Simon Flexner, “the Johns Hopkins of China.”  Today, Peking Union Medical College is one of China’s most selective medical colleges and technically advanced hospital systems, providing medical services to prominent political and social leaders.

Dr. Simon Flexner

Dr. Simon Flexner

Dr. Simon Flexner, first director of the Rockefeller Institute for
Medical Research

1917 PUMC Faciltiy

1917 PUMC Facility

1917 – Artist’s rendering of new PUMC facilities. (Source: Rockefeller
Archive Center)

1921 - PUMC Dedication Ceremony

PUMC Dedication

1921 - Peking Union Medical College dedication ceremony. (Source: Paul Monroe Papers, Special Collections, Columbia University,
Teachers College Library)

Trustees of PUMC

Trustees of PUMC

1921 - Trustees of Peking Union Medical College. John D. Rockefeller, Jr., PUMC’s largest donor, is center (holding hat). (Source: Paul Monroe Papers, Special Collections, Columbia University, Teachers College Library)

PUMC Pharmaceutical's affiliation with PUMC generates meaningful brand resonance with both physicians and patients. More importantly, PUMC's facilities, physicians and researchers serve as key resources for PUMC Pharmaceutical's drug development work in China.

    PUMC Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.