Business Development

China and Beyond – The Pan-Asian Mission

Since 1998, PUMC Pharmaceutical's international business development team has been in-licensing promising specialty drugs from primarily U.S. and European companies. Our business development professionals include M.D.'s, Pharm.D.'s, chemists and MBAs, and they jointly prospect, screen and negotiate new product licenses for China.

In late 2006, PUMC Pharmaceutical’s shareholders reorganized the company's business development function as a separate company, Velos Global, to expand the scope of our efforts and bring new medicines not only into China, but to all of Asia Pacific.

For specialty products, especially, this Pan-Asian approach synthesizes a sizeable market out of many smaller ones, providing small to medium size U.S. and European companies one point of access to the many, far-flung Asian markets with often different cultural, physiological, socioeconomic and regulatory characteristics. Meanwhile, for our Asian partners in some of the less populous countries, the Pan-Asian model effectively allows them to benefit from inclusion in the larger, regional deals we structure, bringing in critical medicines that might otherwise be out of reach.

For more information on Velos and our Pan-Asian drug development activities, please visit www.velosglobal.com. To contact us regarding business development opportunities in China, please email us at bd@pumc-pharm.com; for business opportunities in Asia outside China, kindly email us at bd@velosglobal.com.

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